Jazz is the most current of the dance forms.  It is influenced by popular music and culture.  Arts In Motion teaches jazz trends such as hip-hop, pop-n-lock, funk and lyrical.  Trends of the past, such as Charleston, Mambo, Disco, etc. are also taught.  World dances, such as the salsa and African beats are also explored.  Jazz is offered for all ages - 3 and older, beginning levels thru professional.  Although recommended, ballet training is not required for the jazz program.

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Ashley Austin


Ashley Austin brings extensive dance training and performance experience to Arts In Motion.  She has studied may dance disciplines, including Ballet from David Howard (NYC), Natalia Stavro (NYC), Kat WIldish (NYC), Darius Hocman (NYC), Lillia Valeva.  Ashley has studied jazz from Frank Hatchett (NYC), Richard Pierion (NYC), Stacie Stanfield (NYC), Karen Christenberry (LA).  Ashley has also studied Modern (Graham, Limon, Ailey, Primitive, African and Lyrical) from SLAM (NYC), Brooke Notary (NYC), Debbie Roche (NYC).  Finally, Ashley has studied Tap from Karen Christenberry (LA), Kirsten Mays (Crossville), MIchael Schulster (NYC).  Ashley’s notable performances include Copellia (Oak Ridge Civic Ballet), The Roane County Nutcracker, The Cumberland County Playhouse.  She was also a member of the NYC Riley dance company.

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